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10/22 Gunsmith Notes: Ruger 10/22 barrels are cut with a standard SAAMI .22 reamer which cuts .062" too deep. Production speed machine reaming often leaves burrs in throat and chambers not concentric to bore. Aftermarket barrels have tighter, shorter chambers (sometimes too tight) than the SAAMI print but seldom short or concentric enough for maximum accuracy.

CPC designs its own reamers for the 10/22 called CPC Freebore chamber for ideal function and accuracy. Setback is .187" to .250" on breech end. The newly cut area on barrel shank is oversize for a 'line to line' tight fit into the receiver stabilizing the two parts. A steel spacer is cut and hand fit into the barrel lockdown cut to insure proper retightening. CPC fits a reamer pilot to the exact bore size and re-reams each barrel by hand. New chamber throat and crowns are cut concentric to bore within .0002".

Customer results at 50 yards: .25 to .56".

RUGER 10/22 FULL TUNE-UP LR, includes 3 items:

  3. BOLT COMBO (see 10/22 Bolt Work for more details and pictures)

RUGER 10/22 ABBREVIATED TUNEUP - includes items 2 & 3
Barrel setback and crown with bolt rework.  No trigger job.  Send barreled action with no stock, no trigger group nor scope.  $149 plus $16 s&h.  See Tuneup options below and the Crown Options page.

RUGER 10/22 FULL TUNEUP - includes all 3 above items above.
Barrel setback and crown with bolt rework and trigger job.  See Tuneup options below and the Crown Options page.  Send barreled action in with no stock or scope.  $189 plus $17 s&h.  Ruger T or RRR model, $199 plus $17 s&h.

TUNEUP OPTIONS.  Add $45 to any Tuneup for Threading barrel and Ruger receiver eliminating the V-block and screw retainer. Does shorten barrel by .75" but makes for a more consistent shooting rifle.  (Mostly done to bull barrels.)
Add $10 for parts if there was a previous trigger job or attempt.
Per request, a cleaning hole can be drilled in back face of receiver and/or a nylon bolt stop pin installed at no charge.
Priority mail returned insured for $300.  Add $1.30 extra for $100 worth of additional insurance.

RUGER 10/22 CARBINE MODEL TRIGGER JOB LR, as described in above tuneup with auto-bolt release conversion. Send trigger assembly, no receiver w/$89 add $5 s&h. Ruger T or RRR model, $99 plus $5 s&h.

RUGER 10/22 L.R. BOLT COMBO Carbine or 'T' model, as described in above tuneup. Send complete bolt with $50 & $5 s&h.

NEW RUGER L.R. BOLT Completely reworked as described in above Tuneup.Sometimes these are in stock, call first, if in stock the are $89 plus $5 s&h. Can be ordered over phone with credit card.

RUGER 10/22 MAGNUM BOLT COMBO Forward stainless dowel pin over front of firing pin, jeweled, .049 headspaced. Send in complete bolt with $50 plus $9 s&h.

CPC's CUSTOM FINISHED BULL BARRELS FOR RUGER OR AFTERMARKET 10/22's LR Simply figure out what you want. Pick a barrel blank from any manufacturer, a partial list is on this website. Order a .940 (15/16") diameter turned barrel blank, straight contour, no O.D. polish, full length. 1 twist in 16, 16.5, or 17 inches, 5 through 9 grooves. CPC does diameter & visual bore scope inspection, tight end becomes muzzle end, barrel is cut from center of blank. Blank is lathe turned concentric to bore, hand finish polish outside, hand finish lap bore. Chambered, extractor cut, 11 degrees recessed target crown, totally finished. Your Ruger 10/22 aluminum receiver and barrel are threaded - eliminating the Ruger V-block. Finished barrel is tightened in the receiver. Barrel no longer has to be .920 dia, it can be ordered smaller and lighter from .812 dia up to .920 dia, 16.25 to 21 inches long, your choice.

Send a barrel blank, or drop ship here, or describe and send money for blank plus $175 for CPCs labor, add $19 s&h.

10/22 Bolt
Ruger T barrel sporter tapered crown.
This one was threaded into the Ruger receiver eliminating the V-block part making a stable rifle.
Barrel is finished at 19 inches.
Ruger T or RRR barrels only.
Tapered from end of stock forward by 8.5" to a .62" dia recessed 11 degree target crown.
Removes .5 lb of front weight and produces the best accuracy from the hammer forged barrel.
10/22 Rifle
Ruger 10/22 receiver and barrel threaded together eliminating the V-block part.