1548 Saybrook Road
Middletown CT 06457
11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (wait 8-9 rings)


  1. Cut 11 degree recessed target crown concentric to the bore within .0002 all barrel styles (open sights, if any, are not removed).
  2. Ruger carbine only, remove front sight, lathe turn front sight mound leaving a circular band, cut rear sight in place to fill dovetail, cut new 11 degree concentric recessed target crown. Add $5 to order.
  3. Cut bull barrel to any requested length, 16.25 min., cut new 11 degree recessed target crown. (note, Ruger carbine barrels with open sights are not shortened or they lose all accuracy).
  4. Thread barrel for a compensator or silencer.  Single point lathe cut threads.  With custom turned matching thread protector, add $99 to order. Without tune-up or combo purchase price is $119 plus s&h, Call.  Note thread sizes and length.
  5. Ruger 10/22 Hammer Forged T barrel only.  BACKBORE crown inward by 2 inches, .50" dia hole.  Backbore creates a little more accuracy over normal target crown.  Blue or stainless.  See pictures below.
  6. Ruger 10/22 Hammer Forged T barrel only.  TAPER muzzle end to a sporter look.  .920 dia barrel is tapered to a .63 dia crown, taper starts at 8.5" from muzzle where stock ends, removes 1/2 pound of weight and taper tends to choke bore a little creating the best accuracy from the hammer forged barrel.  Barrel is finished at 19 inches long.  Add $18 to order on a stainless barrel.  (A blued barrel would have to be reblued - so add $85 to order.)  See picture below.
CPC'ed 'T' barrel with target crown backbored in 2 inches deep for increased accuracy.
(Backbore can be done to Ruger 'T' barrels only).
Three crown options are available for Ruger hammer forged barrels, this is a backbored crown, the sporter taper version is also available plus a recessed target 11 degree crown, at any finished length customer wants.
Ruger T barrel sporter tapered crown.
This one was threaded into the Ruger receiver eliminating the V-block part making a stable rifle.
Barrel is finished at 19 inches.
Ruger T or RRR barrels only.
Tapered from end of stock forward by 8.5" to a .62" dia recessed 11 degree target crown.
Removes .5 lb of front weight and produces the best accuracy from the hammer forged barrel.
10/22 Rifle
Ruger Mark II slab side with threaded barrel.
Moved the front site ramp back correct length (drill/tap hole) and make the round thread protector.
The hole is bored at .25", so a common 60 degree countersink tool can be used to clean out any gunk.
The Ruger pistol barrel is threaded for suppressor with a picture of the internal crown being back in the thick part of barrel to avoid the bore swelling big when outer diameter is cut for thread.
CPC recessed 11 degree target crown.
CPC recessed 11 degree target crown.
Ruger T sporter taper.